Purify yourself with India's No Animal Fat Soap.


Just like there is a difference between a snan in any water and the waters of the holy Ganga, there is a difference between a snan with any soap and AnuVed Soaps. And the difference is exactly that. In Hindu homes, it's a ritual to take a bath before sitting for a puja because a snan absorbs negative energies. AnuVed offers city dwellers the opportunity to take a pavitra snan everyday before their puja. Made with the holy waters of Rishikesh Ganga which is said to wash away all your sins and purify you and your soul, this range of Pavitra snan soaps are a perfect pre-puja ritual. There could be no better way of starting the day than with a bath with gangajal. Could there be?

Anuved is the purest, because:
  • It does not contain animal fat
  • It does not contain alcohol
  • It is enriched with Gangajal
  • As per policy, it is not tested on animals
  • The bars are made from pure and natural ingredients, with each bar having one chief ingredient that has a very strong religious attribute connected to it.

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Our Brand Ambassador: Shri Vikram Gokhale

When the team of Anuved approached me to become the brand ambassador I thought one more 'soap' will be added to those long shelves of bars in a shop to confuse me further. I simply thought what's new. And then I realised that its nothing new, but something as old as the Vedic age! Something, as old as Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions! I used the soaps and was instantly reminded of my childhood. The divine fragrance of the temple, the aroma of the fresh green Kewda flower, the taste of the potent Panchamrut. Then it dawned on me, these were not just ordinary soaps. They were our Indian culture! My point of view has changed. I am not promoting soaps. I am preserving the Indian culture. I can imagine a time where kids will ask 'Pop, who's Ganga ?' This thought sends a shudder down my spine. I want to do my bit to pass on our culture and our heritage to our future generations.

The Face of Anuved: Smt. Mrinal Kulkarni

"I use AnuVed regularly. It surely leaves me with a feeling of purity and I love all the fragrances. Ashtgandha and Panchamrut are my favourites in the collection and I am proud to be associated with the brand AnuVed."

Mr. Raakesh Bansal, Aneema Soaps

Aneema Soap was established in the year 2002, as an independent small scale unit with the objective of providing employment to the rural community. In order to achieve this objective, Aneema Soap registered itself with the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC).

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Kewda flower a favourite of Lord Ganesha, is part of the Naivedya (Offering) made to the Vignharta. With Anuved Kewda, you can immerse yourself in the purity of the flower, and embrace the vibes of 'Ga' (Buddhi -Intellect) and 'Na' (Vijnana -Wisdom) that come from Lord Ganesha.

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